To apply for graduate studies at the Universidad Austral de Chile, prospective students must have completed an undergraduate degree or its equivalent in their area of interest, and they must meet the admission requirements of the specific program to which they are applying. In the case of applicants who have completed their studies outside of Chile, academic records should be presented in the form of official documentation from the corresponding academic institutions. In addition, the university requires that this documentation be legalized in the Chilean Consulate of the applicant’s country of origin. In certain cases, the university will also ask for an scores from a recognized Spanish language proficiency exam. It is important to remember that, except for special cases in which it is explicitly stated otherwise, all classes and activities of the graduate programs of the Universidad Austral de Chile are carried out in Spanish.

In addition to the presentation of all necessary academic precedents, the admissions process may also include an Admissions Exam particular to a given academic program.

Applications are completed through an admissions request on the university’s online platform. All necessary documents specified on this form, as well as all academic titles (diplomas, certificates, etc.), must be attached. The dates for application periods are determined by individual graduate schools, which correspond to different academic areas.

For master’s and doctoral students, the majority of faculties require that once accepted, the student complete an exam to determine the necessity of developmental courses. Additionally, in some cases these admittees will need to pass an English language proficiency exam, which can be done while their degree programs are in progress. Applications must be completed through the forms available from the respective graduate schools.

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