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Research at the Universidad Austral de Chile

The Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) is an institution situated in an exceptional environment that houses nearly 300 active researchers carrying out over 450 research projects. This scientific activity constitutes a central pillar of scientific and technological development in the region, actively contributing to the equitable advancement of the nation. UACh has been awarded research funds of over USD $50 million during the 2015-2016 period.

The sustained growth of scientific and technological productivity at UACh has had notable results, including the publication of over 535 Web of Science (ISI) articles in 2016, of which 50% were developed in conjunction with international institutions.

A main factor supporting these research results is UACh’s location at the doorstep of Patagonia, offering unique possibilities for the study of great biodiversity and natural resources as well as for high-impact projects related to climate change and the development of sustainability strategies. The university’s ample landholdings represent a natural laboratory for forest restoration and the study and protection of watersheds and their flora and fauna, as well as studies in conservation, invasive species management, aquaculture and silviculture production, and special interest tourism, among other areas. This combination of scientific production, exceptional location, and wide-ranging resources has situated UACh among the top 5 universities in Chile and the top 20 in Latin America (ranked 17th in Latin America, THE 2016-2017).

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