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Studying in Universidad Austral de Chile was indeed an incredibly chastening experience. Not only the system of studying was different for me but also the language and culture… new and full of tricks to learn. Anyhow, especially the staff of the international office at UACh, was extremely helpful and always got out of their way to help the exchange students to feel welcomed in the lovely town of Valdivia. Also, the people at the department of Geology were very flexible and made it possible for me to accomplish the courses I wanted and needed, even though the situation needed a bit of adaptation from them. Thank you UACh for a lovely semester!

I chose this university, because it is admired, well located in the beautiful small south of Chile and surrounded by unspoiled nature. Besides I wanted to improve my Chilean-Spanish and to get to know the culture and life of the people residing in and around Valdivia. For this I picked the Universidad Austral de Chile.

The stay of one semestre in this beautiful city helped me personally to obtain wonderful experiences, face problems, solve them and finally to get one step further in my life. I have learned much about the culture, the people and their language, the living, the nature as well as aspects of studying which are valuable for my carrer as a electrical engineer. The style of teaching in the UACh is very different to the manner of my University in Germany due to the difference in size. Therefore it is more school-like, but I also learned to like this way of teaching in this one pleasant semestre.

I recommend for the future exchange-generation to just enjoy the layover of their life here in Valdivia while there is sun and to go out for the nature because its impressing :).

For my wonderful time and stay here I want to thank all the organizing and helping stuff of the UACh – now my second Alma mater.

Best regards

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