Social Sciences and Humanities

Graduates from UACh’s program in tourism business administration are capable of planning, operating, and developing touristic activities. Likewise, they can self-manage innovative business opportunities, both at the local level and in the business sector at dynamic national and international levels. They promote the harmonious and sustainable development for tourism based on respect for nature, culture, and local communities from perspectives of ethics and social responsibility, assertively employing interpersonal and communicative abilities with groups that correspond to the touristic sector in a world characterized by globalization and the internationalization of markets.

If you are interested in studying the relationship between cultural and socio-environmental processes from an interdisciplinary perspective and in a context of interculturalism at local, regional, national, and international levels, then our anthropology program is for you.

At UACh, our degree program is underpinned by a commitment to the enduring values associated with the rights of people and communities, respect for diversity, and advocacy for those who suffer social exclusion.

We are distinguished by a wide-ranging education that includes field work, interdisciplinary approaches, and the interrelation between diverse socio-natural and socio-cultural spaces.

The Universidad Austral de Chile trains accountant auditors capable of operating in a global business environment characterized by constant change. The program offers education based on the knowledge and application of international financial and ethical-professional regulations. In addition, complementary skills are developed, including the use of English and the utilization of technological tools.

Graduates will be capable of participating in the diagnosis, design, evaluation, construction, and maintenance of information systems related to administrative management.

Cities are constantly growing, providing us with new challenges. In order to take them on, UACh trains architects of great professional integrity who are highly qualified and have taken on leadership roles, allowing them to solve the problems that the urban world faces on a daily basis.

Graduates of the architecture program at UACh hone their skills in a setting in which innovative projects are being developed through a critical interpretation of today’s reality. This environment contributes to experimentation, research, and creation of a transdisciplinary nature. Likewise, diverse methodologies, tools, and support systems are utilized for the rendering of sustainable architectural works centered on the context of the southern-austral zone of Chile.

This degree program has the objective of educating professionals in law and social sciences who are capable of performing with strength and rigor in the diverse areas in which law is practiced. Students are provided with the intellectual tools and practical competencies necessary to develop successfully in the field, whether as litigators, legal advisers, or judges, both in the national and international spheres.

This degree program trains professionals in business management with a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and international vision. We deliver a curriculum that encompasses the distinct knowledge areas of this field. What distinguishes our program is our emphasis on fundamental areas of commercial engineering including finance, human resources, marketing, and organizational development. In addition, the program includes substantial training in the English language, reinforcing international economic relations.

Our program in public administration includes a solid education in public administration and political sciences, enabling the formation of professionals who are capable of effectively administrating and managing various public resources and agencies. Our graduates are able to diagnose necessities, proposing studies and/or projects, and to monitor the completion of the activities of public organizations, regulating official documents and guaranteeing transparency.

Our degree program is aimed specifically at students with creative capacities and manual skills who are interested in arts and culture, and who in addition possess clear preparedness in terms of research ability, determination, self-criticism, and acceptance of a work routine, both personally and in group activities.

The undergraduate degree in visual arts is designed to develop the areas of production, management, teaching, and research related to the field. Studies in this program are based on theoretical and practical training in sculpture, painting, audiovisual arts, photography, printmaking, and aesthetics.

UACh’s School of Visual Arts ensures the delivery of a comprehensive education underpinned by continual consideration of the relationships between aesthetics and ethics, enabling the student to carry out creative processes generated by critical reflection and linked soundly with the community.

Our school emphasizes the creation, composition, and execution of musical and sound works with artistic criteria using distinct media, both in disciplinary and transdisciplinary terms. We are rigorous in our approach, which values listening capacity, sociocultural diversity, and heritage. Complementing this perspective, we promote the self-management of artistic projects from their formulation through their dissemination at various scales, fomenting the production of music and sound works, events, and activities both individually and collectively.

We educate professionals in the areas of audiovisual creation, production, management, and research, emphasizing the construction of narratives that reflect on social, political, and cultural issues in the region from perspectives of both classical and experimental cinematography. We also foster the use of technologies and new media in terms of the design and creation of contents for the gaming and animation industries. Relevant skills, competencies, and aptitudes are developed within the framework of a transdisciplinary teaching-learning process in which self-management is encouraged both individually and collectively.

We offer an innovative pedagogical project that delivers and fosters linguistic abilities in English as a means of communication complementary to the mother tongue. The program’s objective is for students to capable of motivating and guiding the construction of their students’ learning processes, using collaborative and interdisciplinary work, technological tools, and, especially, continuous observation of and reflection on scholastic realities.

At UACh, we train teachers in physical education, sports, and recreation with knowledge of motor skills in the context of the human and social sciences. Our graduates are highly competent in terms of professional skills, pedagogical abilities, and the management of specialty areas.

Our objective is to create and facilitate innovative teaching-learning processes in scholastic, healthcare, recreational, and athletic settings. We put special emphasis on nautical disciplines that promote individual development.

The Universidad Austral de Chile trains teachers of history and social sciences who are prepared to study and grasp current social issues with an interdisciplinary vision and to promote the teaching of democratic values.

These characteristics allow our graduates to perform within the formal education system, as well as in instances of community and labor education and other pedagogical scenarios that require their wide-ranging knowledge and skills.

Studying in this program, you will become a highly skilled professional in the field, capable of contributing to processes of educational innovation and change. Our students feel strongly linked to the task of educating children as well as adults in elementary topics and committed to the improvement of the quality of education overall.

While it maintains a generalist educational perspective, which is a key trait of a primary school teacher, this program also allows the completion of a concentration in language and communication and English or in mathematics and natural sciences.

This program produces special education teachers highly skilled in the domains of education, administration, and management for the care of children, adolescents, and adults with special educational needs, with possible concentrations in hearing and language disorders or intellectual deficits.

Graduates are capable of taking on positions of leadership and working effectively on multi-professional teams, participating in and contributing to processes of social and cultural integration in a way that is innovative and highly considerate of ethical issues.

Studying pedagogy in language and communication at UACh will transform you into a teacher who is highly trained in the correct use of the Spanish language and in the understanding of various communicative situations.

We deliver a solid education that will allow you to facilitate your students’ learning processes, discern the significance and relevance of diverse contents, and address the teaching-learning process with creativity and innovation.

The mathematics instructor is envisioned as a professional trained to carry out teaching in the subject area with a high level of scientific-pedagogical capacity and an adequate cultural preparation in general.

What distinguishes and differentiates our degree program is its plan of studies, which includes a skills-based curriculum that allows an early insertion in the world of practicing teachers.

The journalist educated at UACh is a highly qualified professional capable of performing effectively in diverse processes of communication and expressing related information through various social communication media. Our graduates are capable of interpreting and communicating through these media to deliver diverse messages and information related to human activity.

Graduates from our program in social communication possess the theoretical, practical, and methodological competencies necessary to develop proficiently in the field. They are familiar with the main paradigms and approaches used to understand phenomena in areas such as scientific and environmental communication, mass media communication, organizational and strategic communication, and information processes, among others. They are capable of identifying and analyzing problems, proposing solutions and strategies for research and action based in the interpersonal dimension of media communication.

Our students practice design as a reflective, methodical, and participatory act, and likewise as one of synthesis, facilitating coherence between the process and its products. They develop a sense of creativity independently, thoughtfully, and ethically through experimentation and abstract thought. The result of this is providing new answers to today’s questions and opportunities. Graduates of this program are capable of working in transdisciplinary teams oriented toward the valuing of cultural heritage, sustainable development, and the environment in order to contribute positively to the shaping of future settings.

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