Financial Aid

The primary source of financial aid for graduate studies in Chile is the Advanced Human Capital Training Program of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), the main government agency dedicated to the administration of graduate scholarships (widely known as Becas CONICYT) Particularly relevant are the scholarships for doctorate programs and those for master’s programs, which are treated as separate award categories.


Students of any nationality can apply for these awards, which have three main requirements, among others:

1. To have an academic degree corresponding to an undergraduate or professional diploma granted by an institution of higher education, either Chilean or foreign.

2. To demonstrate academic excellence by meeting at least one of the following requirements:

a. To have obtained a final undergraduate average grade of at least 5.0 on a 7.0-point scale (the Chilean grading system) or its equivalent; or,

b. To have graduated within the top 30% of your class in your undergraduate major.

3. To be in the formal application process, be admitted, or to have the status of a regular student in an accredited doctoral or master’s program that is imparted by a Chilean university.

The CONICYT scholarship includes the following benefits (among others):

– Annual living allowance of a maximum of approximately USD $12,000* (doctoral programs) USD $9,000* (master’s programs), dispersed in 12 monthly quotas.

– Annual grant for tuition and fees (for a maximum amount of approximately USD $3,600 for doctoral programs or USD $1,500 for master’s programs).

– Monthly allowance for for each child under 18 years of age equivalent to 5% of the monthly living expenses of the grantee.

– Healthcare allowance for a maximum annual amount of USD $650.

* Reference values vary from one year to the next based on exchange rates.

For more information on the graduate scholarship system of the Government of Chile, visit (Spanish only).

The Universidad Austral de Chile, through the Office of Graduate Studies, has a scholarship system that offers partial coverage of graduate studies, particularly for those students admitted to programs that are not eligible for external funding.


The main scholarships available include the following:

Full Tuition Scholarships: For doctoral students beginning their studies. These scholarships fund 100% of the semester tuition of the program (with a maximum value of USD $1,800) and are renewable for up to one semester.


Academic Assistant Scholarships: For master’s and doctoral students. These scholarships fund 80% of semester tuition, with a maximum amount of USD $1,200. The grantee must dedicate 11 hours weekly to the support of teaching or research projects, or alternatively to outreach activities.


Scholarships for Stays in International Research Centers: For UACh doctoral students in the dissertation phase of their degrees. This scholarship provides partial funding for stays in international research centers.


Scholarships for Doctoral Thesis Completion: This one-time scholarship of approximately USD $2,100 provides funding for the completion of a doctoral thesis.

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