Graduate Studies Overview

Graduate education underpins the strategic development of the Universidad Austral de Chile. With more than four decades of experience in this area, the university has seen almost 3,000 students graduate with master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and medical specialties. Currently, the university offers 11 doctoral programs, 35 master’s programs, and 10 medical specialties, along with 3 subspecialties. This ensemble of programs is sustained by a multidisciplinary academic body with outstanding scientific productivity across a wide spectrum of research areas, as well as strong links of international collaboration.

Graduate studies at the Universidad Austral de Chile are closely tied to the development of advanced research capabilities and the solution of complex real-world problems. This educational endeavor entails the training of highly skilled graduates who will participate fully in the social, cultural, and productive processes that define the work environments of the distinct areas of study offered. This process involves cross-disciplinary research in broad areas such as energy, the environment, and other disciplines that are strongly oriented toward the generation of applied research that is capable of making a direct impact in public policy formation from local to international levels. The work of our graduate students has materialized as timely contributions, for example, to projects focused on sustainability, education, health, and the recovery of ethnic communities and historical and cultural heritage. Additionally, many of our programs foster a strong interdisciplinary focus in order to critically formulate, research, and analyze policies, projects, and actions in distinct areas of local and regional development throughout Latin America, with a special emphasis on the sociocultural, economic, and environmental contexts of these initiatives.

Note: Except in special cases where it is clearly indicated otherwise, the graduate programs of the Universidad Austral de Chile and their associated activities are conducted entirely in Spanish.

Graduate Studies in Numbers

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