We are pioneers in the education of acoustics and sound professionals. Our engineers are prepared to offer innovative solutions that incorporate technological, economic, environmental, and social factors.

In addition, we develop designs and projects involving recording and sound reinforcement, audio systems, noise and vibration reduction, environmental protection, and acoustic conditioning of various architectural spaces.

The program’s curriculum mixes mathematics, physics, music, and robust knowledge and competence in sound and acoustics.

The world of electronics is advancing, and professionals who can take on new challenges are needed. For this reason, at UACh we educate civil electronic engineers prepared to take part in studies, designs, and projects in the construction of electronic systems, participating actively in technological innovation.

The work of our graduates contributes to advancement in diverse sectors of society. They understand the role of electronics as a fundamental technology for the development of other professional fields and for a great variety of technological applications.

In a globalized society in which the use of information technology becomes more important each day, professionals of high merit are needed. At UACh, we train civil engineers in computer science with a solid foundation in engineering who are capable of analyzing problems in data processing and information generation for organizations, planning and designing solutions that adequately utilize available information technologies and considering both technical and economic variables.

A civil engineer from the Universidad Austral de Chile is a professional with robust knowledge of materials, geotechnical, hydraulic, and environmental engineering, as well as anti-seismic structures and project management. The education offered here allows the development of skills in the generation, design, evaluation, and management of civil engineering projects, building construction, urban development, and infrastructure.

At UACh, you will become an engineer capable of contributing to society’s development based on criteria including quality, excellence, social responsibility, and consideration of the economic and environmental impact of your decisions.

The civil industrial engineer educated at the Universidad Austral de Chile is a specialist in organizational management. He or she has the capacity to envision, design, implement, and operate systems, processes, and products for the achievement of the strategic objectives of an organization.

Our engineers also possess knowledge of the engineering and social sciences as well as other relevant areas, which allows them to support organizational decision-making in operational, tactical, or strategic contexts with a systematic vision.

This program boasts highly productive laboratories focused on optimization and modeling, allowing work to be carried out on issues of great scope and complexity.

The civil mechanical engineer educated at UACh is a professional who is highly prepared for project development in the areas of energy, mining, materials, mechanics, structures, fluids, and the control and automation of manufacturing processes for goods and services. Our engineers assume an ethical and responsible attitude toward their work, both in human terms and with regard to environmental conservation and sustainability. They are capable of learning autonomously, working in teams, and solving multidisciplinary problems in line with the socio-technological changes occurring in society.

This program utilizes modern laboratories and latest generation software, and develops its activities through active learning methodologies and the resolution of real-world problems (project-based learning). This is complemented by the most up-to-date literature in the field and the application of tools and technologies from the area of informatics.

We train professionals with a distinctive seal of excellence and ethical and moral values, which stand out during the working life in this field. From the disciplinary perspective, our graduates are distinguished for their abilities in administrative and technological management in the areas of construction and civil works.

As such, this program produces construction engineers capable of the management and execution of both public and private building processes, as well as the design and control of specialty projects, entrepreneurship, and innovation. This is sustained from an interdisciplinary perspective of management based on technological, social, economic, environmental, and work security variables.

We are the only university in Chile with a degree program in naval engineering. For more than 50 years, we have educated professionals capable of designing, calculating, constructing, and operating ships and other marine devices. In addition, our graduates are able to participate in the administration of shipyards and maritime industries. The program offers three concentrations: Naval Architecture, Maritime Machines, and Maritime Transport, with the latter two tracks also allowing students to become officials in the Merchant Marine.

Engineers in information and management control from the Universidad Austral de Chile are professional specialists in the analysis of organizational dynamics, with an orientation toward strategic alignment. This is achieved through the ability to conceive, design, implement, and operate processes of business and management control systems that facilitate the accomplishment of organizational objectives. Our graduates possess knowledge of a wide range of sciences and technologies, including in the areas of business and the social sciences, which allow for the generation of information using analytic methods that support knowledge acquisition for organizational learning.

UACh is the only university in the south of Chile that offers this degree program.

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